Some Tips On Sprinklers And Lawn Irrigation

These are some random tips from Haynes Sprinkler Service which serves homeowners in Collin County with residential sprinkler and irrigation repair.  Some of the tips are written and some are video:

Low head – all sprinkler heads need attention regularly. They constantly are sinking not allowing proper coverage or even raising above grade as ground shifts and erodes causing a mower to hit them

Valve – this is what operates your system in the ground. It is wired to your controller in the garage. The controller tells the valve when to come on according to the program you put in. If an area does not come on this is probably why. You have a bad valve or cut wire usually. These are also know to “stick on”. Meaning it doesn’t shut down when the controller tells it to and runs for ever. You will need to shut off at the meter or double check by the street. Turning off at the controller will not shut this off.

Excellent rain curtain. =- observe the water distribution under and between sprinkler heads. This is what you want on both rotary type heads and spray heads. Each sprinkler head should have great coverage underneath and also reach form one head to another.

Sprinkler head to head coverage – another great example of great uniformity and distribution. These are called rotary head nozzles. The unique “finger spray’ designed is for saving water but still accomplishing the volume you need for your lawn.

Here is a playlist of YouTube videos from Haynes about flower bed sprinkler heads, sprinkler head problems, yard drainage correction (including images from a recent residential project), nozzle and filter issues, getting to better understand your irrigation valves, how to set your irrigation timer and several other possibly helpful tips within his videos.

You may skip forward or backward to a particular video or click the link for the drop-down of video choices.  More videos may get added to this playlist so be sure to bookmark this page (or save/subscribe to the playlist) to see future updates.

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