Resources For Dallas Seniors

This page lists several resources for Dallas’ senior residents:

According to that page:

The Office of Senior Affairs (OSA) was created to help Dallas seniors maintain the highest quality of life possible by providing information / referrals on senior services, educational programming and other resources that support and promote financial and social well-being.  The OSA also provides staff support to the City of Dallas Senior Affairs Commission (SAC) and its six (6) working committees (Elderly Safety Awareness, Budget, Communication & Technology, Transportation, Housing and Health.

On that page you will find resources such as:

  • Case management
  • Outreach
  • Senior Ombudsman Program
  • Older Americans Employment Initiative Program
  • Senior Dental Health Program
  • North Dallas Shared Ministries
  • Senior Medical Transportation Program
  • Senior Emergency Home Repair
  • Texas Ramp Project (building wheelchair ramps)
  • Operation WaterShare

Dallas City Government Officials

Many people who live in Dallas do not know their current elected officials at City Hall.  Here are the resources to know the various officials:

Mayor, City Manager, And City Council District Members

City Secretary’s Office

City Auditor

City Attorney